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Divine Farms

Our humble beginnings were in 2001 starting with 18 ha of land planted with vegetables and wheat. The first growth of the farm was in 2005 by planting fruit trees and extending on 35 ha. The real challenge was 2013 when we grew to 100 ha and amounted 55. 000 of fruit trees.

We are producing about 600 tones of fruits, such as: cherries, apricots, peaches, apples, pears and plums.

We are a big family that sees the future of the modern technology combined with the tradition in production of quality products and we want to bring the whole process closer to you.

We invite you to be part of our story as it continues…

Location :Ohrid

( UNESCO world heritage city)

Being one of the oldest towns in the world, Ohrid hides memories from different history eras. It’s a town where Ancient, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and contemporary merged in one.

Old city architecture


  • Ohrid National Museum
  • Cathedral Church St.Sophia XI c.
  • Ancient Theater
  • St. Mother of God Peribleptos XIII c.
  • Samuel’s Fortress
  • St.Jovan Theologian -Kaneo XIII c.
  • Archeological site Plaosnik

St.Naum Monastery

The monastery was established in 905 by St.Naum of Ohrid. It is one of the rare places in the world where all the relics of a saint are buried and remined untouched.


St.Naum was known as a healer of the body and of the mind. Many legends are connected to his name and his miracles continued after his death. Even now when you put your ear on his grave some say you can hear his heartbeat.

The monastery of St.Naum is the largest pilgrimage place in the Balkans region, visited by thousands of people through the year.

Springs of St. Naum


The Springs of St. Naum / Springs of Black Drim are another attraction in our surrounding that has to be seen.

The springs that create a small lake are the biggest source that fed the lake with water.

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid

Fun facts:

  • The oldest lake in Europe (3 million years old)
  • 289 metes deep
  • 24 meters water transparency
  • 358 km² surface
  • Shoreline length of 88 km
  • 2/3 belongs to N,Macedonia, 1/3 belongs to Albania
  • Protected by UNESCO as Natural World Heritage Site since 1979
  • NASA named one of the Titan’s Lakes after it
  • Most famous endemic species: Ohrid Trout (Salmo Letnica), Belvica (Salmo Ohridanius) and Ohrid sponge (Ohridaspongia rotunda).

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