The history of the monastery of St.Naum – Ohrid

The monastery of St. Naum is considered to be a beacon for the Christian orthodox people of the region. The reason is the Saint, Naum, the educator, the healer, one who didn’t discriminated over religion or status, and his practices continued by the monks living here. A place of serenity.

The first church of the monastery was constructed by St. Naum in 900 or 905, and was dedicated to the Holy Archangels. The architectural solution of the church was following the example of St. Clements church in Ohrid, to the extent of placing the grave of St. Naum to the same position of the church, as St. Clements grave in Ohrid.

This old church was demolished during the Ottoman rule of the region, while the current church was built over a period of time, so today it has a basilica’s form with a inscribed cross in dome. The only thing that was kept as it was is the grave of St. Naum. Upon entering the church the two marble pillars in front, as well as the baptistery on the right are from the original church.

The new church was built on the foundations of the old one, starting from XVI century, and being finished at the beginning of the XX. At the beginning of the XIX century the chapel of St. Naum was fresco painted by Terpo, from Korcha, Albania. What makes this room very special is that is fully dedicated to the saint, showing frescoes from his life, his miracles and his death.

The iconostasis of the church was done in 1711. From the inscriptions of the icons we know that Konstantin is the painter of the icons, while one of the most interesting is the one showing both St. Naum and St. Clement holding the church in their hands. The resto of the frescoes have been finished by Trpo in 1806.

In the monastery complex there are 5 churches, The Holy Archangels. St.Petka, St.Bogorodica, St.Atanasije and church dedicated to St. Cyril and Methodius. St.Cyril and Methodius which is the only Orthodox church in the region dedicated to the great Slavic educators.

These are only some of the reasons why the monastery is considered to be one of the most important cultural heritage of Macedonia. It is also the most visited monastery in Macedonia, not only by believers, who follow the ways of St. Naum or are asking for his help, but by tourists as well.

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