Importance of pruning

Pruning may seem like and easy job when watched from aside, but it really is an art. It requires sharp eyes, thinking and strong grip (unless you use an electric pruner ๐Ÿ˜Š). Once you start thinking your skilled enough to prune every type of fruit tree there is in the area, you will discover that different types of trees require a different approach. So, why is it so and why do fruit trees need to be pruned almost every year?

One of the main goals of pruning is to get enough sun to the tree. The pruning of a tree will depend on the geographical location and the number of sunny hours in the area. It also depends on the vegetation of the tree. This is easily controlled by proper pruning within the first years of the tree. Pruning provides enough sun for the lower branches of the trees, which will result in more fruits. It will keep the old branches alive.

Getting enough airflow to the fruit tree is another benefit of pruning. Especially for trees that are pruned in the crown form, it provides enough airflow in the middle of the tree, or between the main branches. Cutting all branches that are growing toward the inside, prevents forming dense vegetation that canโ€™t be tend to properly if left like that. If not pruned properly it can result in the appearance of some types of fruit sickness. Another reason is that dense vegetation prevents the sprayed protective chemicals to reach the whole vegetation of the tree. We are very rigors when pruning our peach, because if they donโ€™t get enough airflow, they easily get rotten.

By pruning one is controlling the growth of the tree by shaping it and deciding which direction should the tree continue. Each year a decision is made to replace an old branch with a new one that will produce more. We are also controlling the size of the trees. There are some regions where cherries are left to grow up to a five-story building, while others keep them half that size. From our experience the best height of a tree is the one that is reachable for picking.

By pruning the growth of new, fruit bearing branches is stimulated. This is the renewing function of pruning, that assures getting the maximum fertile ages out of your fruit tree.

Getting the best fruit, by assuring each little fruit gets enough nutrition to get its full growth. By cutting the old, dead branches and the excess branches are directing the flow of the feeding juice of the tree to the right direction, the needed fruiting branches, and fruits. In conclusion, proper pruning makes sure that we maxims the harvest and prolong the fertile years of the fruit tree.

In conclusion, proper pruning makes sure that we maxims the harvest and prolong the fertile years of the fruit tree.

Author: Jordan Kocevski

Published by Vesna

Hi there, you lovely people! Welcome to my blog. This is a place to find out more about my country Macedonia and the surrounding countries as tourist destinations and places for living, as well as other destinations I'm visiting and things from my everyday life. I love to give tips about the places and bring you closer the hidden gems. Me? I just love to spend time with my family, enjoy traveling and taking photos. I'm crazy about shopping, a big animal lover and a chocolate and ice cream addict... Love to show you all the beauties that I see in everyday life, hoping to intrigue you and leave a mark on this world ;)

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