Olive trees are perhaps the most amazing trees in the world. Did you know that the oldest olive tree is more than 3000 years old? And that an ingredient in olive oil can help in the fight against cancer? Check out these facts.

  1. The average lifespan of an olive tree is 300-600 years. But there are cases of them living much longer, over 1000 years.
  2. The oldest certified olive tree is more than 3000 years old! It lives in Greece and still bears fruit. 
  3. The olive tree ranges in height from 3-12 meters (10 to 40 feet) and has numerous branches full of silvery-green feather-like leaves.
  4. Olive tree can produce up to 30 kilograms of olives. Depends of the weather and soil conditions, the variety and age of the tree.
  5. Mediterranean climate is best for olive trees. The trees need a long, hot summer and a cool, not frigid, winter. Warm, arid conditions help keep natural pests away. 
  6. Olive tree waste provides renewable energy; when burned it produces 2.5 times the heat of burning wood, and the smoke is harmless. Its ash is used for fertilizing gardens.
  7. Seems promising in the fight against cancer. The ingredient is oleocanthal, a compound that ruptures part of the cancer cell, causing enzymes that cause cell death. Fortunately, Oleocanthal has not damaged healthy cells.
  8. The olive tree is WONDROUS.  It provides a tasty fruit for consumption after it’s cured. It gives an incredibly healthful oil that can be used for cooking, skincare, lighting and spiritual purposes. And, it grows a powerful leaf that’s used in medicinal teas and extracts.
  9. The olive tree starts blooming when it reach 3-4 years old, harvest starts when is 6-7 years old. Mature olive tree is considered to be in its 30ies up to 150ies when produces the maximum yield of olives.
  10. The olive branch has been regarded as a symbol for peace. It appears on the national flags of seven nations, four US states and the flag of the United Nations.
Olive tree in Divine Farms

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